VIP Renovations and Construction is a Kitchener based remodeling and construction company
servicing the Region of Waterloo.  We can help you with every phase of your renovation
project, from installing new flooring to renovating an entire house.
Bringing true value to homeowners we emphasize high quality workmanship, attention to
detail and bringing innovative ideas to your project.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations
every time and make the dreams for your home come true.
Please browse through our web site and take a look at some of the areas where we can help
you, as well as see examples of our workmanship.
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Energy Efficiency
Thinking of ways to make
your home more energy-
efficient? Doing so can
lower energy costs, improve
comfort and reduce impacts
on the environment.
For example, having new
energy efficient windows
installed will add curb
appeal, increase the value
of your home, and save
Other suggestions include
making sure walls and attics
are well insulated, installing
energy efficient appliances,
and low-flow toilets,
showerhead and faucets.
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VIP Renos
provides high
quality renos at
competitive rates!